April 19, 2009


ReadySite - Make Money!

3 Easy Steps
1. Sign Up
2. Copy and place a code on your website for a page that fits
3. Sit back and collect the revenue daily

Once you have placed our unique code, you are done and ready to earn! Just watch your visitors return to get all the latest and greatest free samples, healthy deals & more, from leading brand names.
And best of all, YOU get paid!


Blog Distributor

April 7, 2009

Blog Distributor makes it easy. If you're a blogger, we need you. We will pay you to write blog postings and link them to our clients' websites. The more popular your blog is, the more money you can make! Here's how it works:

1. You fill out our Sign Up form, describing your blog.
2. Clients register their needs with us.
3. Blog Distributor will match client jobs with bloggers. If you're a match, we'll email you!
4. You can accept or pass on any new job and you have 24 hours to make that decision. As soon as you accept, you have 24 hours from that time to create your posting and let us know about it.
5. We'll check your posting to make sure the job was completed and it meets our standards.
6. We"ll send you the linking information to link your posting to the client's website.
7. We'll check that your posting is live on your blog and linked to the right website page.
8. In the next week, you get paid.

Blog Distributor makes it easy for you to accept new jobs and track your earnings.

Unlike other blog systems, we don't wait weeks to verify your work. Blog Distributor checks completed assignments within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) and pays you once per week! So if you complete assignments this week, you'll be paid for them next week. There's no limit to the number of assignments that you can complete.

And we make it easy for you to do your work. We'll give you a description of the client's business, key words they want to use, and a link to the client's site... everything you need to successfully write your blog posting.



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