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August 23, 2007

I came across with this article entitled "How to Become a Professional Sponsored Post Writer" written by Mumsgather and I believe this would greatly help you in your endeavor of becoming a professional blogger.

Top 11 Dos and Dont’s:

1. Treat it professionally and not just something you do on the side. I take writing paid posts very seriously. I always read the advertisers’ requirements, visit their websites and try to write a good review to match those requirements based on the information available on the site.

2. Do your homework. Do some research like visiting similar sites or checking up some terms used. Do a google search to find out what comes up tops for certain keywords. In other words, do your homework before you write your review. Give it lots of thought and research.

3. Write a professional “press release”. Don’t bluff. To me a good review is like writing a press release on behalf of your client the advertiser. Its a review of the product or service available at their site. Don’t bluff by endorsing a product you’ve never even used before by saying “I’ve used it and its really wonderful.” Thats unethical and unprofessional. Just say “This site has this product that ….” To me, a good review is like writing a professional press release.

4. Never ever copy and paste. Not from the advertiser’s site and certainly not from competitor’s sites or other paid post writer’s sites.

5. Don’t apologise for writing paid posts. I’ve seen these too many times. Many bloggers apologise for writing paid posts. Sometimes they say “Please bear with me. Once I start a new blog, I won’t flood it with paid posts.” And when they start a new blog, they once again flood it with paid posts. To me apologising means you don’t believe in what you do. You think that paid posts are terrible for a blog but you do it anyway for the money. I believe in what I do. I believe that its not easy to write a sponsored post. You have to maintain your blog well, make sure you fill it up with good content so that you achieve higher rankings. You need to manage your time well because it can be time consumming and encroach on your personal life and time. You need to do your homework as what I’ve mentioned above. To me your blog is like a cyber real estate. Its really nice to grow it and turn it into something worthwhile but its not easy to do that. It requires WORK. Once you have done all that WORK (and its a continuous process), I don’t see whats so bad or wrong to write posts for advertisers who wish to pay you to write a review for them. Its a win win situation. Advertisers benefit from your link (the higher your rankings the more worthwhile your link is), the traffic and channeling of search engine results towards their pages and they don’t mind paying you for that. The blogger benefits by being paid and the satisfaction that comes from writing a good post.

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Must-Read Blogger Tips

August 16, 2007

NOTE: I'm re-posting this one for the newbie bloggers and those who wanted to get into this blogging business.


If you are planning to create a blog of your own or is just starting out as a blogger, then I would highly recommend that you read first the article entitled "27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience" by Sponsored Reviews.

It offers valuable tips on how to build and maintain your blog audience. It may look boring to read but I tell you, if you want to succeed and enjoy the opportunities blogging has to offer, then you better read it from top to bottom. Trust me, it's very informative and you would greatly benefit from it. I know this because I've been blogging for more than 5 years and if only I have this manual to guide me when I was just starting out, then I think I would have done better as a blogger.

First off, you got to read the FUNDAMENTALS. I know it is hard to create a blog that will be "the first" to discuss about a certain topic since there are already millions of blogs out there covering topics that you can think of but the trick that will make your blog stand out from the rest is the originality of the content, the design and the domain name of your blog. Always remember that you blog will reflect your thoughts and your feelings so be creative on how to present them so readers will find your blog posts worth reading and exciting.

In building your audience, I agree that consistency, interaction, grammar and post length is something that you should always keep in mind. If you have a comment box or a tag board then use it to interact with your readers. When they leave comments, take time to reply to them or visit their blogs as well. This will make your readers feel that they are important and appreciated. And also, make use of social bookmarks and tags such as digg and technorati. This will make your blog more visible in search engines.

And lastly, in keeping your audience, staying on top of blogging trends and new techniques is a must. Research and read to stay informed, be friendly, remain humble and most importantly don't act or pretend that you know everything. Adding some sense of humor (when applicable) on your blog posts would also help. Share pictures or videos. It will surely make your blog more interesting.


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