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November 13, 2007

My friend Dayeen introduced this new money making website and thought of sharing this to you so you can also make more money from your blog. Just sign up HERE !!!

How It Works:

Advertisers post all sorts of post requests, from a simple "link back to this site" to in-depth product reviews.

Each post request also comes with a set compensation that is determined by the advertiser

It's up to each blogger to pick the requests that best suit them.

Once you select a post request, you create a post on your blog,being sure to meet the requirements that were established by the advertiser.

Your post along with the required links must then remain live on your blog for 30 days. During this time our automated system regularly checks to make sure the required links remain posted. After 30 days, if the post is live, you will have satisfied your agreement and you will receive your compensation.

That's it! Sounds pretty easy doesn't it?

Imagine getting paid $2.50 to $15 (or more) each and every time you make an approved post to your blogs!


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